It’s no surprise that Quark’s Bar would be well stocked with bar snacks. What is perhaps more surprising is that there is a bar snack that exists in the world that Quark has not heard of! But that is what we see in Rules of Acquisition, when Pel suggests that Quark should stock Gramilian…


Whatever floats your stoat


Whatever floats your stoat


Starburst #54

So I found a magazine with a joint Andy/Sid article I hadn’t seen before. It features Andy & Sid being super cute BFFs, talking a little bit about their play and the tour, and oh yeah it has Andy talking about the fact that he REALLY WANTED TO DO AN AUDIOBOOK FOR ASIT but the audio people were incompetent ding-dongs so it never happened. Seriously, a pox on whoever effed that one up.

Elim Garak & Julian Bashir: Seasons 1-3

"Perhaps they decided they just didn’t like me?"
"Not like you? Impossible.”


Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3 Episode 21 - Hollow Pursuits


DS9 Characters being ridiculous: the definitive collection

I like how Worf being ridiculous is just his normal face.

He doesn’t have a lot of modes.